UDOT Notice to Contractors

UDOT NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: The Utah Department of Transportation is publishing this INVITATION TO BID. To view a listing of bids posted, please visit our website at www.udot.utah.gov/go/bidonprojects or register with our automated email bid distribution list service at www.udot.utah.gov/go/gettingstarted. A list may also be obtained from UDOT Central Construction Division, P.O. Box 148220, 4th Floor Construction Desk, SLC, UT 84114-8220, 801-965-4346, Monday through Thursday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. List of projects advertising this week are: F-0092(35)7, F-0028(76)16, F-R399(259), F-0087(8)0, F-0035(8)18, F-0045(6)14, F-I15-1(121)43, F-0020(13)7, F-LC07(11).

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